Why Us

Find our Advatages Below:

Fly Ash Bricks are made by Machine and hence uniform in shape, size and consistent quality. Comprehensive strength above 70kg/cm sq. Upto 120 kg cm sq and hence breakage in transit is very low. Water absorption is less than 10% by weight of Brick. Cement mortar require 10-15%, since the joints are small as Fly Ash-Bricks are uniform in size. Saving of natural resources (Clay, coal, wood and environment) by using Fly ash Bricks.

Since handmade, variation in shap, size and quality. Maintaning the quality consistency is very difficult. Comprehensive strength between 35-40 kg/cm sq and hence breakage during transit are very high. Water absorption is >10% by weight of Brick. Cement mortar require 20-25%, since the joints are large as Bricks varies in shape and sizes. Harvesting the top soil to produce the Clay Bricks and using natural resource to burn the Bricks and creating pollution and Global Warming too. Plasters are essential on both sides of Walls. Due to uniform shape and size more than 15 mm of plaster is essential.

Our bricks comes in 3 sizes

  1. 9*4*3 inches
  2. 9*6*3 inches
  3. 12*8*6 inches
  4. 11*7*5 inches
  5. Other customized sizes

The shape & design are made to fit vertical or horizontal builds.This saves mortar and increase the carpet area. Our valuable clients can save as much as 40% in plaster. We produce bricks of different sizes as approved by BIS. Our mechanized production process ensures that you get perfect bricks with no wastage on account of breakaage.

  • Eco-friendly products
  • Advanced manufacturing unit
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Excellent track record
  • High endurance
  • These are almost free from damages and there is negligible need of maintenance
  • Available in three different sizes as per the requirements of our clients
  • Cost effectiveness
  • There is no wastage