Service Areas

Consultation Services

We make feasibility study and Techno commercial Feasibility study, and project profile preparation for Fly ash brick plants of capacity of 10000,15000, and 25000 Brick per 8 hour plants.


For all the projects as discussed above we make the pee installation support in form of sight visits, layout suggestion as for vastu, workflow designing and material.


We provide warranty and guaranty support to the machines as discussed in point no 1 above. We also provide maintenance guidance, technical training operational training for the seed machine. We also maintain a central sphere so that the individual units do not have to wait for sphere to come from Chattisgarh.


As the plants become old they may need expert maintenance services at some point of time. We handle these support issue right from India.


Time and again the parent company or the supplier decided to upgrade its technology. In such a event with the consolation of the clients units of India we undertake there true or up-gradation. The fly ash bricks help the environment in many ways, they not only consume industrial burr and saved top soil eruption but energy in its manufacturing process compared to the connectional red bricks.